What's the difference between regular and VIP tickets?

With a regular ticket, you get access to the festival area and all the stages where the program will take place.

With a VIP ticket you will have access to special VIP areas that are not available to regular ticket holders.

These areas may include: a private viewing area with a better view of the stage, a private bar and food area and access to restrooms that are not open to the general public.

Is the ticket valid for all concerts and DJ performances?

With a valid ticket, every visitor can visit the entire festival area without any problems and attend all the music events at the festival that day.

Where can I buy tickets in Kragujevac?

The points of sale in Kragujevac for buying tickets are:

Delfi Knjižara Kragujevac
Kralja Aleksandra I Karađorđevića 30

Malutas travel
Miloja Pavlovica 9

OMV – Kragujevac
Kneza Mihajla bb

Trafika 11
Kralja Petra I 32v

For availability in other cities, see HERE.

Do children pay admission and what is the guardian's responsibility?

Children up to 10 years old do not pay admission.

It is the duty of all minors to have an adult guardian next to them. The guardian must have his valid ticket and sign a statement at the entrance that he is fully criminally and materially responsible for the minor with whom he entered the festival area.

You can download the guardian’s statement HERE.

We draw attention to the fact that it is a festival that uses loud sound and lighting, so it might bother children and more sensitive festival visitors.

Is it possible to leave the festival and return with the same ticket?

With a valid ticket, entry is possible only once, so if the visitor leaves the festival area at some point, he will not be able to return.


Camp opening time?

The camp opens on the first day of the festival in the morning.

What are the camping rules?

It is necessary for each camper to purchase an Arsenal Camp ticket. The ticket only gets you a place in the camp, and it is up to you to provide everything else – a tent, sleeping bags. Although the camp is open non-stop, it is necessary to respect other campers and the camp schedule.

Can I bring in drinks, food and tobacco?

Food, drinks, and cigarettes are allowed to be brought into the Camp.

Fire/Gas/Portable Camping Appliances?

Bringing in gas canisters, camping stoves, and lighting campfires is prohibited in the camping area.

How do I validate my camping ticket?

Purchased camping tickets will be validated at the festival entrance.

Can I enter the festival with a camp ticket?

The camp ticket does not grant you entry to the festival area itself.

The ticket only gives you a place in the camp, and it’s up to you to provide everything else – a tent, sleeping bags… and everything you need for the days of the festival, and what the organizers provide you with are all the necessary conditions for maintaining hygiene.

Arsenal Camp is located in Veliki Park in Kragujevac, next to the entrance to the Chika Dača stadium. The ticket costs 1,500 dinars. You can download it at this link or at Tickets.rs sales points in your city.


Where is the festival program held?

Arsenal Fest is held in the area of the old military factory in Kragujevac – Knežev Arsenal, which is located in the very center of the city.

The address of the location is: Trg Topolivaca bb, 34000 Kragujevac, Serbia

Click for map:

Where can I charge my phone?

At the festival, there will be clearly marked spots where festivalgoers can recharge their mobile devices.

Do people with disabilities have any privileges?

People with disabilities will have free admission to the festival and the festival program, while their companions/carers will pay the standard ticket price.

Food, drink and tobacco?

You can bring cigarettes and tobacco to the festival, but not food and drinks.

Pets at the festival?

Pets are allowed in the festival area, but due to crowds and high human traffic, they are not recommended for the safety of your pet.

In which composition does Bijelo Dugme perform?

The management of the band Bjelo Dugme will announce this year’s band members for the anniversary concerts.

All other details will be revealed on April 11th through a series of interviews and announcements.


What is cashless?

Cashless means a contactless payment system. This means that all payments within the festival area will be made through payment cards, which will be available in the camp and at the festival itself, at clearly marked places.

The purchase of cards can be made in cash, or via payment cards.

When collecting the card, it is necessary to pay a deposit in the amount of 100 rsd, and then pay the desired amount for purchases at the festival area.

When making a purchase, it is necessary to touch the card to the marked place on the device, and after a sound signal, a certain amount of money will be automatically deducted from the card.

The available balance on the card can be checked at any point of sale by touching the card to the contactless payment machine.

The organizers of Arsenal Fest are not responsible for compensation in case of loss or damage of the payment card.

Paying at the festival?

Payment at the festival will be done by tapping the Cashless card at designated locations.

What is the PIN code of my Cashless card?

Cashless cards do not have a unique PIN code, all transactions are completed by tapping at payment terminals.

What if I lose my Cashless card?

The festival organizers are not responsible for lost Cashless payment cards. In case of a lost card, it is possible to obtain a new one at any time.