About The Festival

Arsenal Fest is held at the end of every June in Kragujevac, the heart of Šumadija, the former capital of Serbia, the city best known for its authentic automotive industry.

In just a few years, the festival has established itself as one of the most interesting, relevant and promising outdoor summer festivals in Serbia, ex-YU and this part of Europe.

Arsenal Fest is an active member of the European association of festivals “Yourope” and in 2019 was shortlisted for the best European small festival. Due to its great importance for the cultural life of Kragujevac, the festival was declared an event of public importance in 2020. Too. In 2020, the festival was awarded the “Đurđevdan Award” for its contribution to culture in Kragujevac.

The festival, which this year has the slogan “Arsenal fest – Shining”, will last from June 27 to 29 this year. The performances will traditionally be held at the Knežev Arsenal location, Trg Topolivaca in Kragujevac, on three stages: Main Stage, Garden Stage and Explosive Stage.

Arsenal Camp

The camp is located in the Great Park in Kragujevac, next to the entrance to the Čika Dača stadium.

Each camper needs to buy a ticket for the Arsenal camp, which costs 1,500 dinars.

With the ticket, you only get a place in the camp, and it’s up to you to provide everything else – a tent, sleeping bags… and everything you need for the three days of the festival, and the festival organization provides all the necessary conditions for maintaining hygiene.

Campers are also provided with free entry to the City swimming pools, which are located in the immediate vicinity. The camping ticket does not guarantee you entry into the festival area itself.


At Arsenal Fest 2024, the contactless payment system will be enabled again.

This means that all payments within the festival area will be made via payment cards, which will be available at the festival itself, at clearly marked places – at the very entrance to the festival area, on the Explosive stage and on the Main stage.

The payment card is the only official means of payment for drinks, food and other products at Arsenal Festival. The price of the Cashless card is 100 rsd, and after purchase you pay the desired amount on it and use it as the only means of payment on the festival grounds.Payment by cards is only possible in dinar equivalents, while payment cards can also be used in other currencies.

When making a purchase, you need to touch the card to the marked place on the device and after a sound signal, a certain amount of money will be automatically removed from the card. The available balance on the card can be checked at any point of sale by touching the card to the contactless payment machine.

Refund of unused funds will be possible at any time during all three festival days in Cashless houses. Refunds must be made on and during the festival, as no subsequent refunds will be possible.

The organizers of Arsenal Fest are not responsible for compensation in case of loss or damage of the payment card.