Arsenal Fest 2024 artists

About the Festival

Arsenal Fest is held at the end of every June in Kragujevac, the heart of Šumadija, the former capital of Serbia, the city best known for its authentic automobile industry.

In just a few years, the festival has established itself as one of the most interesting, of the most relevant and promising outdoor summer festivals in Serbia, ex-YU and this part of Europe.

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Arsenal Camp

Arsenal Camp is located in Veliki Park in Kragujevac, next to the entrance to the Čika Dača stadium.

It is necessary for every camper to buy an Arsenal Camp ticket, which costs 1,500 dinars.

You can download it at this link or at sales points in your city

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Arsenal Fest 2024 will once again feature a contactless payment system.

All payments within the festival grounds will be made using payment cards. These cards can be obtained at designated locations within the festival itself: at the entrance, near the Explosive area, and near the Main Stage.

The payment card is the only official means of payment for drinks, food, and other products at Arsenal Fest.

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