Arsenal Glow – the first showcase in Kragujevac: 4 locations – 10 performers – 2 stands

Arsenal Fest, in collaboration with the Organization for the Protection of Performers’ Rights, is organizing the first music showcase on May 17th in Kragujevac!

Over 200 applications were received for the competition for young performers, and we have selected the top ten.

At the Youth Center of Kragujevac, Ivan Jegdic, TBK, and Andrejin Krst will perform.

At the Cultural Center UMMUS, performances will include MISH, Toxxiro, Kruz Roudi, and Matkec, while Buena Vista will host the Explosive stage showcase featuring DJs Neomodern, AKKA, and Razzor.

Panel discussions will take place at Kumandra Bar, where Rouzi and Ispod nule will speak as part of the “Authors in Focus” panel, while KC Svitac Jagodina, MMF Divcibare festival, Klub Feedback Nis, and Sablon platforma Subotica will speak as part of the “How to Organize a DIY Tour in Serbia” panel.

We are looking forward to a dynamic day at various locations in the city.

See you there!