Do “sad girls kiss best,” did they also “fear their 30s”: Here’s what the guys from Nicim izazvan have to say

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On the first day of Arsenal Fest, the band Nicim izazvan will perform on the Garden stage. What has their journey been like, and how different is the music they originally planned to play from what they create today? Who has had the most musical influence on them? Find answers to these and many other questions below.

The journey has been developmental. As the years passed, we learned and progressed. Although we didn’t enter the music world as kids, we had that boyish curiosity and hunger for achievement. It could be said that not much has changed. We are still the same kids. We still listen to more or less the same music as before. The kind we listen to and create.

What do the band members do when they’re not playing music?

They go to the gym, but that started only in the last year. We realized that with age, the pounds start to add up, so we collectively decided to address that. So, working out has become our hobby. We enjoy it. We share knowledge, experiences, and sometimes even struggles.

Who is the “Bad Boy” in the band?

The chorus of the song is: “I’m not a Bad Boy.” So, practically, there isn’t one. We are a nice group that enjoys what we do. Maybe in a more private setting, we allow ourselves some craziness, but in reality, we are Goodfellas.

What is the craziest thing you have experienced from fans, and do you have any anecdotes from recording, traveling, or performing? Something unforgettable.

We have a very recent one that’s hard to beat. During a sound check, a woman approached us and asked us to play the song “Trideset” because it was her daughter’s birthday. We kindly explained that we were still setting up and connecting and were not ready yet. She insisted so much, probably thinking we wouldn’t grant her request, that she reached for her wallet and pulled out money, trying to tip us to fulfill her request immediately. We appreciate that they love and listen to us, but this was quite uncomfortable for us.

The front rows are mostly filled with girls. What do you think attracts them – looks or voice?

Hahaha. Well, we said we’ve started going to the gym. So it’s definitely the voice, because there were no looks before.

Which of your songs is the most popular at concerts/gigs and why do you think that is?

Every region, and even every city, has its own favorite. People might think it’s mostly “Trideset” and “O tebi,” but that’s not necessarily the case. We expect that in Kragujevac it will be “Rekla je,” because the music video for that song was filmed in and around Arsenal Fest.

Do “Sad girls kiss best”?

Confirmed, yes.

Were you also “afraid of your 30s”?

For men, the 40s are the critical turning point. That’s what we were afraid of. Not anymore.

Will “it be better in a million years”?

It definitely will. Those who live to see it will have the opportunity to enjoy those happy times. Until then, we need to love each other and enjoy every moment and every breath, no matter how difficult it may seem at times.

To whom is the song “About you,” which is certainly one of many people’s favorites, dedicated?

Every one of our songs has a real story or person behind it. The song “About you” is certainly dedicated to a particular lucky person who was the inspiration for a song that many really love.

You will be performing at Arsenal Fest. What can the audience expect?

It will be madness. We are coming very well-rehearsed and well-prepared, and most importantly, after a good nine-year break. We have missed it a lot, and judging by the reactions to the announcements, so has the audience at Arsenal.


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What music will be playing on the way to Kragujevac?

From Silvana to Nirvana. We hope there will be a higher percentage of solid and quality sound, and that the band won’t break up due to arguments over music choices somewhere near Velika Plana.

Your top 5 bands at this year’s Arsenal?

Partibrejkers because they are legends. Dogstar because it’s Keanu Reeves, Zdravko because it’s Colic, and Miki Radojevic because he’s a superhero.

Describe the band Nicim izazvan in three words?

We are fun.

Final message?

It’s never over.