Keanu Reeves spotted in Zagreb… Next destination Kragujevac!

Keanu Reeves and the guys from his band Dogstar have arrived in Zagreb, where they will be performing tonight at the INMusic festival.

A large number of news outlets in Croatia tried to find out where Keanu Reeves would be staying in order to get an interview with him. However, after some time searching in front of a hotel in the center of Zagreb, they saw a man sitting on the ground, leaning against the hotel wall… When they looked more closely, they realized it was the Hollywood star.

As Jutarnji.hr reports: “He was sitting on the ground, we filmed him, and then he said in a somewhat sad voice: ‘I’m talking on the phone, this is my private time,’ probably used to having his privacy invaded. We discreetly waited on the side, approached him again, and took a picture with him, this time he smiled at us. We wished him good luck and a good time.”


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The next destination for Keanu Reeves and his band Dogstar is Kragujevac and Arsenal Fest!

They will be performing on the Main Stage on June 27th at 11:20 PM.