Friday, 28. June 2024


Dante will perform on the Garden Stage on June 28th!


Mateja Jeremić, also known as Dante, grew up without a musical heritage but spontaneously developed a passion for music, particularly rap and trap, just a few years ago.

In September 2023, Dante released his debut album “Kuda ide vreme?” which served as a gentle introduction to his work and has already managed to attract the attention of half a million listeners.

Dante draws inspiration from personal interests and issues, relying on influences such as Mac Miller, Kanye West, and Reksona. Besides these influences, he draws inspiration from various sources, constantly expanding his musical horizons. Through mentorship with Reksona and Cobi, he learns how to create songs that people want to listen to.

He is one-third of the production trio Kontrabanda, along with Vuk Ivic and Vukola. Their collaboration has resulted in hits such as “Mesec” by Ba$ha, “Dodji Hitno” by Elon and Surreal, and “Suze od Blanta” by Palac.