Saturday, 29. June 2024

Ian Pooley

Ian Pooley ENG

Arsenal’s last night will be headlined by the famous German DJ and producer Ian Pooley.


He’s been part of the underground scene almost since house music arrived in Europe, and Pooley says he can’t remember a time without music, since he basically grew up as a DJ and producer.

From his earliest days in Mainz, it was the sounds of Chicago and Detroit that captured his attention.

His albums “Meridian” and “Since Then” have become a watermark for house music, and he’s one of the few artists to remix Daft Punk (1997’s “Burnin’”). He’s released on labels from Innervisions to Rekids, but now primarily releases on his own imprint, Pooledmusic. A highly respected DJ, Pooley has played at a vast list of major clubs and festivals, from Berlin’s Panorama Bar to Glastonbury Festival, along with multiple tours across North and South America, Asia, Canada, and Australia.