Friday, 28. June 2024

Miki Radojevic and band

Miki Radojević ENG

On June 28th, Miki Radojevic and his band, will perform at Knezev Arsenal.


Miki Radojevic is a guitarist, songwriter, and frontman of the legendary bands Six Pack and Covek bez sluha. After decades of presence on the Serbian and regional rock scene, he released his first solo album titled “Na kraju skitanja” at the end of 2023.

He dedicated the song “Na kraju skitanja” to his untimely deceased friend Mikica Zdravkovic, one of the founders of Arsenal Fest.

“One of the saddest things lately is how young people are often leaving us prematurely. It’s no wonder then that those who this song resonates with find themselves and identify with it, even when words fail to capture the immense sadness. You often see the song ‘Na kraju skitanja’ shared on social media, hanging there like a kind of epitaph,” Miki said in an interview.