Friday, 28. June 2024


Oathbringer ENG

On the second day of Arsenal Fest, the band Oathbringer takes the stage at the Garden stage.


Oathbringer, a heavy metal band from Kragujevac, stepped onto the scene in 2019, led by Lazar Zakic and Milos Stocic. This band, still in the form of a project at the time, began their journey by releasing two demo recordings under the name “Riddle of Steel”.

The following year, Oathbringer became a full-fledged band when Bora Petrovic and Petar Djordjevic joined them. Their debut album, “Tales of Glory”, was released in 2022 by the Texas-based record label RTR Records. That same year, Oathbringer had the honor of performing at two domestic festivals, Arsenal and Exit.

In February 2023, Petar Djordjevic left the band, briefly replaced by Igor Stanic. Djordjevic soon returned, and with him, they embarked on their first international performance – the Running Free Fest in Bulgaria.

The next change in the band occurred in September when Milos Stosic decided to focus solely on vocals, handing over the bassist position to Aleksandar Milutinovic.

The band is eagerly awaiting the release of their second album titled “Tales of Valor”.