Thursday, 27. June 2024


Partibrejkers ENG

Partibrejkers will be performing on the Main Stage on the first day of Arsenal Fest.


Partibrejkers is a rock band formed in 1982 by Zoran Kostic Cane (vocals), Goran Bulatovic Manza (drums), Nebojwa Antonijevic Anton (guitar), and Ljubisa Kostadinovic (guitar).

Their first performance was on October 4th, 1982, in Dadovo, as an opening act for The Fifties.

Their first studio album was released in 1985 under the name “Partibrejkers I,” followed by a string of albums: “Partibrejkers II,” “Partibrejkers III,” “Kiselo i slatko”, “Ledeno doba”, “Gramzivost i pohlepa”, “Sloboda ili nista”, and “Sirotinjsko carstvo”.

In 2022 they won the Godum Rock Music Award.