Friday, 28. June 2024

Petrovitz YU

Petrovitz YU ENG

Petrovitz YU will spin the records on the Explosive DJ stage on June 28th.


Ivan Petrović, better known as Petrovitz Yugoslavia, became the editor and host of the ClubLife Radio Show in 2012. The show focuses on events in the club scene of Serbia and the region.

Shortly afterwards, he became a resident DJ at the underground clubs SODA and UMK in Kragujevac, and began his first gigs as a warm-up DJ at various parties and festivals.

In early 2014, he became the PR for the AFIRMISANJE.DJ competition, which aimed to provide young, up-and-coming DJs from the country with the opportunity to perform before headliners at numerous electronic music festivals.

In collaboration with Dom omladine Kragujevac and Serbia’s biggest production house Long Play, he became the stage manager for the DJ stage at Arsenal Fest in mid-2014. He brought in big names like Mihai Popoviciu, Alexandar Kowlaski, LTJ Bukem, NTFO, Miguel Bastida, Rossko…