Saturday, 29. June 2024

Savrseni marginalci

Savršeni marginalci ENG

Arsenal’s last supper will be served by the Savrseni marginalci!


Savršeni Marginalci were formed after the breakup of the band Hladno Pivo.

Mile Kekin decided to head in one direction with his backing band, while the rest of the guys – Zoran Subosic Zoki on guitar, his brother Mladen Subosic Suba on drums, and Kresimir Sokec Soki on bass guitar – went another way, joined by vocalist Hrvoje Krmpotic Krmpa, known from the hardcore band Deafness by Noise.

They returned to playing their old songs, a bit faster and harder, which the die-hard Hladno Pivo fans still love and have been waiting to hear live for years.

The band is playing songs from their albums “Dzinovski”, “G.A.D.” and “Desetka”, but they are also preparing something new and original.