Saturday, 29. June 2024

Sivert Høyem

Sivert Høyem ENG

Sivert Høyem is coming to Kragujevac on June 29th. He will perform for us on the Garden Stage at Arsenal Fest.


Sivert Høyem is a Norwegian musician, best known as the vocalist of the rock band Madrugada.

After the band broke up, following the death of Robert Buraås in 2007, Høyem successfully continued his career as a solo artist. He was also a member of the band The Volunteers, with whom he released the album “Exiles” in 2006.

In September 2010, Høyem released the song “Prisoner of the Road” to raise awareness for the NRC organization (Norwegian Refugee Council).

In 2015, the song “Black & Gold” was chosen as the theme song for the Norwegian TV series “Occupied.”

As a solo artist, he has released the albums “Ladies and Gentlemen of the Opposition” (2004), “Moon Landing” (2009), “Long Slow Distance” (2011), “Endless Love” (2014), “Lioness” (2016), “Live at Acropolis – Herod Atticus Odeon” (2017) and “On an Island” (2024).