Friday, 28. June 2024


On the Garden Stage on June 28th, Steffan will perform.


Stefan Jakovljevic, known as Steffan, entered the world of music at the age of seven, as a student at the Music School, majoring in solo guitar. After completing elementary music school, he honed his talent at the Academy of Arts, Department of Music Production and Sound Design, where he is currently a third-year student.

He released his first single “Halo” with IDJ in 2022, and his second single “Krivi” with Bassivity in 2024.

As a performer, he has appeared at various festivals, including Blink Fest during the celebration of the Djurdjevdan festivities in Kragujevac, the Carnival in Vrnjacka Banja, and the Miss Yu 2022 pageant.