Dubioza kolektiv 25. June Main Stage

Balkan-ska-punk-reggae extravaganza Dubioza has grown from a powerful gig at the first Arsenal in 2011, from an engaged album to an album, from performance to performance, including those at Glastonbury, Roskilde or Lolapalooza, to one originated from our part of Europe. The more relevant Dubioza collective deservedly returns to the Main Stage of the jubilee Arsenal X on June 25, 2021, which is confirmed by the current album, symbolically called „#fakenews“ , Earl Sixteen from the cult British band Dreadzone, Tome Feterman from the French Soviet Suprem and the Mexican band Los de Abajo. „We are looking forward to coming to Arsenal Fest again, to celebrate its decade together. We promise to learn to play new songs by then and try not to fall off the stage like the first year we played there, „says the Dubioza collective.