ADF sent a message before Arsenal Fest: “Get ready to jump!”

After eight years, Asian Dub Foundation is back in Kragujevac. The Main stage will be ready for them on the first day of the festival, and here’s what they say ahead of the festival!

It’s been eight years since our last performance at Arsenal Fest. What did you expect from the performance then, and how did the audience receive you?

Serbia is very special to us, so we always expect great reactions, and it always turns out that way!

What can we expect from your performance on June 27th?

That we’ll give our best.

You are very welcome to Serbia. Why do you think Serbians love you so much?

Maybe because we are not afraid to talk about difficult subjects but our music is still very positive and a party. A conscious party we call it.

Also we played the 2nd ever Exit festival not long after the NATO bombings. Plus we were told that. “New Way New Life” was the first record played on the alternative radio station B92 after the fall of Slobodan Milosovic. It’s always been great for us…

Given that you visit our country from time to time, do you have any rituals when you come here?

I’m obsessed with history, so I find everything related to it. Last time I was in Belgrade, I visited the Tito Museum.

Do you have any rituals when you come to our country?

I’m a history nut, so anything of that nature I’ll look for. Last time I was in Belgrade I visited the Tito museum for example.

You blend various musical genres, which is also characteristic of our region. Are you familiar with our music, and if so, what do you think of it? Do you have any musical favorites, or perhaps a favorite Serbian song?

I’m always interested in indigenous music forms, though I couldn’t give you any names right now..

Your last album was released in 2020. Are you preparing something new for us, can you reveal any details?

Yes, it’s on its way and we are trying a lot of new methods and styles this time! We’re inspired by pretty much everything.

What would be your message to the audience in Kragujevac?

Get ready to jump!


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At the opening of Arsenal Fest 2024, alongside Asian Dub Foundation, Hollywood superstar Keanu Reeves with the band Dogstar, Brkovi, and Partibrejkers will perform on the Main stage. On the Main stage on June 28th, the stars include Bijelo dugme, Nouvelle Vague, Lil Pump, and Coby, while on the last night, June 29th, Zdravko Colic with a symphony orchestra, Goblini, Palaye Royale, and Circa Waves will perform.

On the Garden stage on June 27th, alongside Vuk Vukajlovic, Nicim izazvan, Keni nije mrtav, Jarboli, Svemirko, Lufthansa, Gajbras T, Bad Daughter, Grand Mess, Tago Mago, Forever Storm, and Lipov loud will open. The following evening, performances include Ritam nereda, Mortal Kombat, Miki Radojevic and band, Mimi Mercedez, Rouzi, Jet Vesper, Njezz, and Oathbringer, while on June 29th, alongside Iva Lorens, Nik West, E-play, Savrseni marginalci, Z++, Sivert Hoyem, Zhiva, and Despite The Noise.

Single tickets for the first and second days cost 2,700, and for the third day 2,900 dinars. The price for a ticket set for all three nights is 5,500 dinars. For one-day VIP tickets, the price is 12,000 dinars, and for a three-day set, it’s 24,000. Tickets can be purchased through Tickets.rs and at all their sales points.

As a preview of Arsenal Fest 2024, the first music showcase “Glow” will be organized in Kragujevac on Friday, May 17th. In cooperation with the PI organization, a rich, free program is planned at four locations.