Completed first showcase “Glow” in Kragujevac

Lucky Lazarevic

In Kragujevac last week (May 17), the first-ever showcase “Glow” was held, organized by Arsenal Fest, in collaboration with the Organization PI.

The first part of the day was reserved for two panels where the audience of Kragujevac was introduced to Rouzi and the guys from the “Ispod nule” platform, discussing the rap scene in Serbia, its beginnings, ideas, plans, and the music industry in general in Serbia.

Following them, the panel “How to organize a DIY tour in Serbia” featured Veljko Gligorijevic – KC Svitac Jagodina, Marko Naskov – Klub Feedback Nis, Nemanja Stojanovic – Sablon platform Subotica, and Teodora Acimovic – MMF Divcibare festival, mainly discussing how they reach out to performers, what a band must have for them to engage them, the weirdest requests they’ve received from performers, and reminiscing about some of the best performances.

Then, starting at 8:00 PM, the real party kicked off at three locations across Kragujevac: UMUS, Dom omladine, and Buena Vista.

The program at the Dom omladine began with Ivan Jegdic, whose unique voice and gentle guitar sounds attracted younger visitors to the front rows. After him, the guys from TBK took the stage, followed by Andrejin Krst, who was rewarded by the audience with dancing and applause.

Kruz Roudi, Arsenal Isijavanje

FOTO: Lucky Lazarević

Lucky Lazarevic

The soothing voice of MISH’s lead singer was a good introduction for the further party at UMUS, which was soon continued by the energetic band from Novi Sad, Kruz Roudi, followed by Toxirro from Nis, and concluded by DJ Matkec, a new face of the underground scene.

At Buena Vista, the DJs Neomodern, AKKA, and Razzor ensured a great time for everyone.

Neomodern, Arsenal Isijavanje

FOTO: Lucky Lazarević

Lucky Lazarevic

At the opening of Arsenal Fest 2024, alongside Asian Dub Foundation, Hollywood superstar Keanu Reeves with the band Dogstar, Brkovi, and Partibrejkers will perform on the Main stage. On the Main stage on June 28th, the stars include Bijelo dugme, Nouvelle Vague, Lil Pump, and Coby, while on the last night, June 29th, Zdravko Colic with a symphony orchestra, Goblini, Palaye Royale, and Circa Waves will perform.

On the Garden stage on June 27th, alongside Vuk Vukajlovic, Nicim izazvan, Keni nije mrtav, Jarboli, Svemirko, Lufthansa, Gajbras T, Bad Daughter, Grand Mess, Tago Mago, Forever Storm, and Lipov loud will open. The following evening, performances include Ritam nereda, Mortal Kombat, Miki Radojevic and band, Mimi Mercedez, Rouzi, Jet Vesper, Njezz, and Oathbringer, while on June 29th, alongside Iva Lorens, Nik West, E-play, Savrseni marginalci, Z++, Sivert Hoyem, Zhiva, and Despite The Noise.

Single tickets for the first and second days cost 2,700, and for the third day 2,900 dinars. The price for a ticket set for all three nights is 5,500 dinars. For one-day VIP tickets, the price is 12,000 dinars, and for a three-day set, it’s 24,000. Tickets can be purchased through Tickets.rs and at all their sales points.