Maja Cvetkovic for Euronews Serbia about Keanu Reeves: “From requests, only sake and non-alcoholic beer.”

Maja Cvetković, gostovanje Euronews

Arsenal Fest begins on June 27th, and the organizers say it will be held at full capacity, as the renovation of the chimney in the Knezev arsenal area has been completed. This year, for the first time at the festival’s opening, Hollywood superstar Keanu Reeves will perform on the main stage with his band Dogstar.

The festival’s public relations representative, Maja Cvetkovic, told Euronews Serbia that the announcement of the Hollywood star’s arrival has drawn additional attention to this event.

“People mostly ask me when Keanu is coming, when he arrives, where he’s staying, and how many days in advance he will come. They want to see him, meet him, or wait for him in front of the hotel. However, many don’t know the exact name of his band. It’s a rock trio called Dogstar, and Keanu plays guitar in this band,” she says.

When asked about the requests of the band members, especially the popular actor, Cvetkovic says that they are not much different from those of other bands that usually come.

“Keanu asked for such common things. They really didn’t have any excessive demands. What they asked for were non-alcoholic beer and the Japanese drink sake. For example, that’s not common and we can say that this sets them apart from the others,” Cvetkovic adds.

The fourteenth edition of Arsenal Fest will gather 50 performers from Serbia, the region, and the world, on three stages.

“This year, Zdravko Colic will also perform with the Symphony Orchestra. This sets us apart. For example, we had Stefan Milenkovic at the festival, even though this is primarily a guitar festival. Also, Bijelo Dugme will be coming to Arsenal Fest 2024 and will play on the Main Stage at the Knezev Arsenal on the second night of the festival. We can certainly promise a good time for music lovers,” said Cvetković.