Goran Bregovic: “When technology frees us from work, then we will all be able to be artists”

Goran Bregović

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Bijelo dugme, Goran Bregovic gave an exclusive interview to Branko Rosic. All installments of the series “50 Years of Bijelo dugme,” along with accompanying texts, videos, and podcasts, will be available at this link.

We bring you a part of their interview, and the rest can be viewed in the video below:

Will music disappear?

“Music won’t disappear. It’s nice that nowadays every kid can record a film and record music with their phone… That’s wonderful. When technology frees us from work, then we will all be able to be artists,” the artist explained.

Does Bregovic like new music?

“There’s nothing worse than when someone my age understands the young. Of course I don’t understand. The whole civilization is based on that clash of generations. Of course I don’t like it and I don’t follow it. Imagine now, at 70 years old, knowing what’s on the top of the charts this week,” Brega added.

And when asked how he views the world and its changes, the leader of Bijelo dugme says: “The world is better today than it was 50 years ago and incomparably better than it was 100 years ago, 200, 300… As impatient as we are for the world to be perfect, it won’t happen in our lifetime, of course. But the world is getting better. Now, of course, it’s not as much better as we would like it to be.”

Bijelo dugme

Reminder, Bijelo dugme is coming to Arsenal Fest 2024 in a rock ‘n’ roll lineup!

These giants, long etched into the history of music, will perform on the Main Stage of Knezev Arsenal on the festival’s second night, Friday, June 28th, as part of celebrating 50 years since the release of their first album “Kad bi’ bio bijelo dugme” in 1974.

Leader of the band Goran Bregovic and the team, praised and awarded worldwide for decades, have decided to return to rock arrangements for this occasion. They will treat hundreds of thousands of fans in the region and beyond to versions of timeless songs that have made them timeless themselves. This will happen at a limited number of concerts this year, and among the cities privileged to enjoy this is Kragujevac, making the Bijelo dugme concert at Arsenal Fest particularly exclusive.