“Every can counts” this year at Arsenal Fest too

Svaka limenka se računa

At Arsenal Fest this year, the “Every Can Counts” initiative will be carried out again. The goal of this program is to raise awareness about recycling and environmental preservation.

In collaboration with Ball Packaging and the ‘“Every Can Counts” project, the collection of used aluminum drink cans will be organized on-site for recycling purposes.

Promoters with backpacks, where used cans can be deposited, will be on-site. Thanks to the smart flex system, the most responsible visitor each day will be rewarded with a ticket for the next edition of Arsenal Fest.

A Pixelata, a kind of canvas made from cans, will be set up on-site to creatively remind visitors of the importance and potential of recycling.

Let’s remember…


At the opening of Arsenal Fest 2024, on the main stage on Thursday, June 27, Hollywood superstar Keanu Reeves with his band Dogstar, Asian Dub Foundation, Partibrejkers, and Brkovi will perform. The next day, June 28, in addition to Lil Pump, Bijelo Dugme, Nouvelle Vague, and Coby will take the stage.

The Garden stage will also feature great names throughout all three festival nights – Nicim Izazvan, Keni Nije Mrtav, Jarboli, Ritam Nereda, Mortal Kombat, Nik West, E-play, Savrseni Marginalci…

Tickets can be purchased through the Tickets.rs service and at all their sales points.