This year’s edition of Arsenal Fest will be in the spirit of environmental protection: reusable plastic cups, “Every can counts”…


At Arsenal Fest 2024, there will be no disposable plastic cups. Instead, only durable plastic cups will be used for drinks, available for purchase at all bars throughout the venue for 150 RSD each.


This year’s edition of Arsenal Fest, like previous ones, will emphasize environmental protection and responsible treatment of nature. In collaboration with Ball Packaging and the “Every Can Counts” project, there will be on-site collection of used aluminum beverage cans for recycling. Promoters with backpacks for collecting used cans will be present, and thanks to the smart flex system, the most responsible visitor each day will be rewarded with a ticket for the next edition of Arsenal Fest.

A Pixelata will be set up on-site, a canvas made from recycled cans, creatively reminding visitors of the importance and potential of recycling.

As the official insurer, UNIQA has joined as a friend of Arsenal Fest to ensure that the festival and all its visitors are protected. Through this partnership, a good and safe entertainment experience is guaranteed.