Keanu Reeves took only her picture from Serbia to America

The entire region is buzzing about the young painter Hajdi Kostic, whose work ended up in the hands of the great Hollywood star Keanu Reeves after he performed at Arsenal Fest in Kragujevac. From Serbia, this superstar took her unique piece of art to America.

“After Keanu Reeves performed in Kragujevac, the organizers gave him my painting as a gift. It is called ‘Night Dreaming’ and it is one of the newest paintings I created for an exhibition in Montenegro. The painting depicts a man in the darkness of his room, observing the city lights. I conceived this painting as a symbol of a man who has conquered the city and is now observing the results of his work,” the talented Hajdi said to RINA.

It goes without saying how much this means to the young artist, who entered the art scene just a few years ago with her incredible works.

“I have chosen art, and it is my sole purpose in life and my only desire to succeed in it. Therefore, the mere fact that Keanu Reeves now owns my painting means a lot. I believe I will draw the maximum from this experience and create even greater things. Simply put, when a person chooses this path, and the path of a young artist today is not easy at all, moments like these remind you never to give up,” says Hajdi.

You can read more about her HERE.