Saturday, 29. June 2024

Kruz Roudi

Kruz Roudi ENG

On June 29th, the audience in Kragujevac will enjoy the sounds of Novi Sad-based band Kruz Roudi.


Kruz Roudi brings a blend of musical genres and a fresh guitar sound to the local alternative scene.

The idea to form this young band came about when childhood friends guitarist Mladen Rakic and bassist Nemanja Djordjevic met drummer Danilo Milivojevic. Playing together in Novi Sad at the end of 2021, they quickly realized their energy was best expressed through their interaction, sparking the creation of the first songs for Kruz Roudi, a band named after an imaginary character:

“Kruz Roudi is a fictional character, the eternal kid that exists within each of us. It simultaneously says – surrender to the road, cruise, cruising is a way of life,” explain the band members.

In 2024, they released their debut album under the label Lampshade Media. The album features seven songs, including a music video for the track “Anxiety”.

To remind you, Kruz Roudi performed at the first-ever showcase “Isijavanje,” organized by Arsenal Fest in collaboration with Organization PI. Here is the link to the event details.