Placebo, Sum 41, Gogol Bordello, Yngwie Malmsteen … at Arsenal X!

Placebo, Sum 41, Gogol Bordello, Dubioza Kolektiv, Džaikovski, Still Corners, Yngwie Malmsteen and Inner Circle are the first announced artists for the 10th edition of Arsenal Fest, a four-day festival (24, 25, 26 and 27 June) taking place in Kragujevac!

Placebo, a band lead by the guitarist and singer Brian Molko and bassist Stefan Olsdala, are recognizable by their androgynous appearance, an angry mixture of alternative pop, punk, gothic, grunge, and their glam rock hits like „Every You Every Me,“ „The Bitter End,“ „Special Needs“, and „Song To Say Goodbye“. Placebo are coming to Arsenal for the first time, as a headliner of the Main Stage, on June 24.

Sum 41 led by singer, guitarist and the author Deryck Whibley will be a headliner of Arsenal’s Main Stage on June 25. Audience in Kragujevac will have the opportunity to be the first in Serbia to enjoy the performance of this Canadian band. Sum 41 are famous for hits such as – „In Too Deep“ (it has reached 156 million views), „Fatlip“ (99 million), „Still Waiting“, „With Me“ and „Pieces“ – that are each viewed over 50 million times each.

Gypsy punk rock attraction Gogol Bordello, are coming to the Main Stage on June 25, and thanks to high-energy live performances have been described as „the world’s most exciting concert attraction that came from New York“ (Billboard) and „the world’s most rebellious live band“ (Rolling Stone).

„Maybe u’ll never hear Gogol on the radio and maybe we don’t do a buji light-show & fancy travel, but u know for sure that zero … r given about mainstream when Gogol hits the stage. Gypsy Punk fireworks r straight from the heart.“, states the multi-ethnic band lead by the charismatic frontman Eugene Hutz.

The Balkan-ska-punk-reggae extravaganza Dubioza Kolektiv, from their powerful gig at the first Arsenal in 2011, from album to album, from performance to performance, have grown into one of the most intriguing musical names from our part of Europe. On June 26, Dubioza Kolektiv will perform on the Main Stage of Arsenal X, performing as well the hits from their new album, symbolically named „#fakenews“, that is featured with the legendary Manu Chao.

On June 26, Kiril Džaikovski, the pioneer in the global phenomenon called the Balkan Beat and one of the most respected Eastern European electronic musicians, will perform on the Main Stage. Džaikovski is coming to Arsenal for the first time with a big, explosive live band, that is moving Balkan Beat towards new styles, combined with glitch-hop and Jamaican sounds.

For the first time, on the June 26, the cult band Still Corners are coming to Arsenal, to the Garden Stage, lead by the singer Tessa Murray and multi-instrumentalist Greg Hughes, known for the hits „The Trip“, „The Message“ „Black Lagoon“ and „Strange Pleasures“, which seductively blend the textures of Vangelis, expressive cinematic sounds of Ennio Morricone, and the echoing guitar of The Shadows.

On June 27, the closing night of Arsenal, the Main stage will host the world-renowned Swede Yngwie Malmsteen, an unsurpassed virtuoso, with a four-decade long career, who is combining the influences of composers such as Bah, Paganini and Vivaldi, contributing to the birth of a genre called neoclassical melodic rock.

A long-lived reggae band from Jamaica Inner Circle, since their initial success in the 1970s with singles „Mary, Mary“ and „Music Machine“, have later made the global hits „Bad Boys“, „Sweat (A La La La La Long)“ and „Games People Play”, will perform on the Garden Stage on June 27.

Arsenal Fest X will have a large number of foreign and local performers whose names will be announced soon. The set of tickets for all four nights of Arsenal X is only 3,500 rsd, at various selling points and via network www.tickets.rs. (Passes that are previously purchased for three evenings will be valid for all four evenings on June 24, 25, 26 and 27, and there is no need to be changed.)

A single ticket for June 24 is 2,000 rsd, for June 25 it is 1,500 rsd, for June 26 – 1,200 rsd, and for the closing night June 27 – 1,500 rsd.

In Kragujevac, ticket selling points are: Dom Omladine, De Gama Travel and Music Store.

Since its first release in 2011, Arsenal has grown into a respectable and influential regional music festival, situated in the very heart of Kragujevac, welcoming not only visitors from Serbia and the former Yugoslavia, but also from the rest of Europe; carefully selecting interesting and influential world and regional artists. Arsenal also stands out with its fantastic outdoor location – a 19th century ammunition factory (Main Stage), the rustic carousel building (Explosive DJ Stage) and beautiful Garden Stage, surrounded by trees.